Our Process

As a practice, we are different in two key areas. 

One, we have a deep and narrow focus in retirement planning. We know the issues that you as a business owner face in designing a retirement plan that is competitive, cost effective and valued by your employees. Our unique six step process helps you navigate the complexities of product search, plan design, fiduciary responsibilities and participant education.

This specialized focus in retirement planning also benefits you personally when it comes time for you to retire. We help you answer the financial question: “After the last paycheck, what do I do then?” We design a plan that fits your specific needs and lays out the steps that you need to take to begin this new chapter in your life.

Two, we are small and independent by design and selective with whom we work. We utilize the abilities of strategic partners who provide expert project support to us in administration, employee health benefits, and estate planning. We always represent our client, and in doing so we bring you our unbiased recommendations based on what is in your best interest.

People often ask us what makes us different. Our response is:

We help you to define what you want in retirement and then we lay the foundation for you to help achieve “Retirement Success."